Training Tips

As I’m often asked questions about animal behavioral problems I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips here on my blog as well.  The title Training Tips is probably not quite appropriate but I couldn’t think of any other title that I thought people would easily recognize.  I assure you this won’t be about obedience training techniques but will focus more on socialization,  leadership, creating balance with you and your animals and some thoughts about bringing new pets into your family and/or pack, as these are areas that I have gained a great deal experience with through my work inside and outside the shelter.  These are also the areas where I get the most frequent questions.

As I’m not a professional trainer and have had little to no training of my own (except a few obedience classes I’ve attended) what I’ll share is simply my own experiences, what has worked for me and what I find most useful.  Hope it will prove to be the same for others.

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