Animal Neglect and Abuse

Just a dog

To those who know me well, please suspend disbelief when I say how thankful I am for the woman who shared this comment in response on my recent post about the dog Gwen. “I’m sorry but this is just a… Read More ›

No justice

This is not one of those blogs that I am usually proud of or enjoy sharing.  In fact, it’s more of a rant.  A release of anger and frustration.  A silent call to justice for the victims in this story… Read More ›

A Downpour of Love

To anyone that happened to pass me in my car as I was driving to the shelter Friday evening, please know that there was good reason why I went from crying to laughing hysterically in about 30 seconds flash.  You… Read More ›

A Box at the Bus Stop

Late this afternoon as I was just pulling into my home, my phone rang with a familiar name on the screen.  Debbie Hines, friend and foster care coordinator.  Her calls are frequent so I didn’t suspect anything abnormal and certainly… Read More ›

My Very Full Heart

I have spent every evening over the past week writing a very lengthy blog about the no-kill vs. kill shelter controversy and was all prepared to post it tonight.  But as often happens by fate more than planning, something happened this… Read More ›

The Promise of Autumn

It’s been five day since she arrived.  Covered in mud, pulled from beneath the porch of the neighbor’s house after her owners abandoned their home and the black dog too.  They obviously no longer wanted her.  Maybe they never did… Read More ›