Special Needs

A Downpour of Love

To anyone that happened to pass me in my car as I was driving to the shelter Friday evening, please know that there was good reason why I went from crying to laughing hysterically in about 30 seconds flash.  You… Read More ›


“Mommy, mommy, you tied my pigtails too tight! That’s what I thought when I first saw the little black dog in the cage in our intake office.  I’m sorry but I just couldn’t help it.  That’s how my mind works… Read More ›

My Very Full Heart

I have spent every evening over the past week writing a very lengthy blog about the no-kill vs. kill shelter controversy and was all prepared to post it tonight.  But as often happens by fate more than planning, something happened this… Read More ›

Elvy (7.29.12)

If my column’s main course is to be pet care, I often try to serve a side dish of shelter stories.  I know I tend to leap on my soapbox often but when you witness animal neglect and abuse as… Read More ›