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  • Give up the guilt and raise a great puppy!

    To all the guilt-ridden mothers out there, please read the following.  As I prepare to say good-bye to Autumn’s puppies in a few weeks, I think the time is perfect for me to share my views and advice regarding crate… Read More ›

  • Unfair

    Someone said something to me today that has again been ruminating in the my head all day and as often is the case, prompts me to blog. When talking to a coworker who overheard me talking about my foster mommy… Read More ›

  • A No-Kill World

    I’m about to broach a subject that is certain to cause controversy and angst but there is too much misunderstanding on this subject to ignore.  The subject of no-kill. Well-intentioned people frequently tell me that we should be a no-kill shelter.   When these well-meaning people share this… Read More ›

  • My Very Full Heart

    I have spent every evening over the past week writing a very lengthy blog about the no-kill vs. kill shelter controversy and was all prepared to post it tonight.  But as often happens by fate more than planning, something happened this… Read More ›

  • The Healing Powers of the Walk

    What started out as walk in the park on a summer evening has become so much more. Two summers ago, we began offering our volunteers the opportunity to walk dogs with us one evening a week after normal business hours. … Read More ›

  • The Promise of Autumn

    It’s been five day since she arrived.  Covered in mud, pulled from beneath the porch of the neighbor’s house after her owners abandoned their home and the black dog too.  They obviously no longer wanted her.  Maybe they never did… Read More ›

  • Our Greatest Teachers

    9.24.13 Update:  Two weeks after having her leg amputated at the hip, Penny is doing marvelously and today had her staples removed.  You would never know by watching her that she was without a leg or had ever gone through any… Read More ›

  • Many Sides of the Coin

    In an earlier blog (A Day in the Lobby) I talked about what an educational experience hanging out in our lobby can be.  Today I stumbled upon a column I wrote years ago for our newsletter that was such an… Read More ›

  • Memories of the Puppy Mill Rescue

    It’s been five years and while I still think of it often, even now it feels a bit unreal to me.  How could we have really shut down the largest commercial puppy mill in our state and probably in the… Read More ›

  • Not Today

    I’ve been thinking about writing this blog for days but was stymied both by doubt of how best to share my desired message and in part because my dearest, greatest dog of my life is dying and that was overwhelming… Read More ›