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  • I took his dog

    Tim Frazier was a total stranger to me when it started.  And while I’d never know him well, I would learn where he lived, how he lived, who his best friend was, that he had cancer and not for the… Read More ›

  • A dog named Nitro

    I will begin this story with the cold hard truth.  My foster dog Nitro is unadoptable.  Or at least by many standards and statistics in the animal sheltering world, he should be deemed as such.  In fact, I am sure… Read More ›

  • Yes, I can try!

    This puppy, named Rebel was hit by a car today and has not one but two broken legs!!  Sound familiar?  And he needs our help.  Sounds too familiar doesn’t it?  Is it his fault that his owners can’t afford his… Read More ›

  • Love at First Sight

    I’ve been called an old soul so I guess it was not surprising that we got along. She was kinda like me. We both had baggage and we both didn’t care.

  • Does she look like a Lucy?

    Having struggled to find my voice lately or at least a voice that was positive in nature, I sort of quit writing for a bit.  Well that’s not actually true.  I was writing.  I just quit sharing my writing.  Most… Read More ›

  • Elvis has left the building

    Never has the phrase “Elvis has left the building” meant more then it does today.   Not because I wasn’t an Elvis Presley fan.  I was!  But because in all other previous uses, that phrase meant the end of something.  Today… Read More ›

  • Unwilling to forget

    Okay I won’t hold out for those anxious for news of Atticus in his new forever home.  While it’s only been a few days, I can tell you that he’s doing well, is getting so much attention as the only… Read More ›

  • Such a good little trooper

    Honestly I don’t like it when I feel like I have to blog because I’m so angry I don’t know what else to do.  I wish I had some wonderful adoption or sweet story to share.  But having fumed all… Read More ›

  • This little hero

    5.3.16  As I prepare to post the first blog I’ve written since Atticus’ I thought it worthwhile to share here how Atticus is doing.  He has made amazing strides in the 6 weeks since he arrived.  He has put on… Read More ›

  • It’s all in the view

    Rarely does a day go by that someone doesn’t say that they don’t understand how I can do what I do. More often than not they have seen some sad story about another dog or cat abandoned, abused or neglected… Read More ›