Blogs for New Volunteers

I’ve tried to assemble some of my blogs that in part are those that I think might provide some insight for new volunteers as a glimpse of “life” around the shelter.  Also a few are just my favorites.   Troopers Story is about the first dog I walked in the shelter and I believe the fated experience that changed my life and helped me discover my purpose.   Doing what Matters is so much about others finding their passions too, as does It feels good to save a life.  A No Kill World as well as My Mistake delve into the always difficult subject of euthanasia but also hopefully enlighten those less familiar with both of these subjects.   In Honor of Tucker is simply about one of my favorite fosters ever and why sometimes its not about the quantity but the quality.

In pointing our volunteers, especially those just starting or considering getting started, in the direction of these blogs, I hope to provide a little advance education as to what you may expect to experience — up close or from a distance — if you choose to spend much time in and around our shelter.   While I can’t say I hope you enjoy them all, I do hope they are enlightening at the least.

Troopers Story 

Doing What Matters

It feels good to save a life

Ordinary Animal Lovers

In Honor Of Tucker, the Puppy Mill Dog

Like a Million Bucks

A No Kill World

My Last Day in the Shelter

A Day in our Lobby

My Mistake

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