Animal Care

Just a dog

To those who know me well, please suspend disbelief when I say how thankful I am for the woman who shared this comment in response on my recent post about the dog Gwen. “I’m sorry but this is just a… Read More ›

Leave your puppy at home

So I have officially become one of those people who will give unsolicited advice to perfect strangers! Unfortunately I have no children to torture and embarrass with such objectionable behavior, over 50 and past the point of giving a damn… Read More ›

Not Today

I’ve been thinking about writing this blog for days but was stymied both by doubt of how best to share my desired message and in part because my dearest, greatest dog of my life is dying and that was overwhelming… Read More ›

Not a Kitty Manicure

The following blog is actually a recycle of an article I wrote for our local paper a few years ago.  When a discussion about declawing ensued on our Facebook page recently, I thought this might be worth reposting. So here’s… Read More ›