A Question Never Asked

Just hopped off the mower to post this short blog, which I think must be a blogette.

Since the news of our spay/neuter clinic groundbreaking, I’ve been asked a question several times by friends, media, family, political figures, etc.  The question is “What do the Veterinarians think of what you’re doing?”

So here’s the question that I’ve never been asked.  “What do the Veterinarians think of you killing the hundreds and hundreds of animals year and after that you cannot find homes for?”

I could guess at their answer but no one ever asks THAT question.


Categories: Shelter Facts

2 replies

  1. Very interesting question indeed. Are you going to answer it? Tough question (the latter) to think about but it’s a reality unfortunately.

  2. I think the spay/neuter clinic is great. I’m sure the Vets are glad it is being built.

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