All They Will Ever Know

Just spent some delightful time with the litter of foster puppies I will say good-bye to soon.  As I curled up on the floor in the midst of them…..pummeled with tiny paws and noses and razor sharp teeth nipping me, I found myself smiling and crying at the same time.  These puppies are special.  Well, all babies like these are special in some way to me.  Needy.  Innocent.  Wanting.  Joyful.  Precious.  And ornery of course.  These are no different in those ways.  And as much fun as it is for me…especially pulling each one individually into my arms for some one-on-one snuggle time, I couldn’t help myself but feel melancholy about these little ones.

In a day or two, they’ll be with another foster.   And soon enough I’m hopeful they’ll each find a forever home of their own.  While the rescue will keep me posted on their progress and their destinies, I will worry forever about each and every one of them in a way different than any of the others.

You see, they cannot see or hear.  All were born deaf and blind.  A genetic misfortune of sorts. They’re Dachshund something else mixes and 101_9550certain Dachshund colors have a genetic birth defect called double dapple that can result in blindness, deafness or both. Sometimes this overlapping dapple gene can even cause missing eyes and/or ears. 

These babies have no eyes at all.

When I saw them for the first time, I couldn’t help myself but think how sad.  As I’ve shared their story with others, everyone reacts with the very same response.  How sad.  I tell myself and them that they don’t know anything else.  They don’t know what they aren’t seeing or hearing.  They only know what they feel, smell and taste.  Can’t miss what you’ve never had, right?

101_9562And surely their little noses are constantly pointed upward and searching.  They are quick to find what their noses alert them to.  With the benefit of being able to sneak up on them, clean up their messes without waking them….don’t be misled.  These puppies are no less dexterous or adventurous than any other “normal” puppy.  My shoes strings are just as prone to being victim of their untying in a seconds.  Their mouths will find the softest places to nip…my nose is a ready target but my own yelps of pain go unnoticed.  How they can find my earlobes in 3 seconds flat baffles me.   Maybe I have smelly ears.

Despite my knowing that they can’t hear a word I say, I talk to them.  Coo at them.  Reprimand them with a useless “no” when they are naughty.  Then I have to laugh at myself, which they don’t hear either.

What makes me smile so much when I’m with them is that they truly do not know that they are missing anything and their puppy attitudes are not diminished by a lack of sight or hearing in any way at all.  The fact that their tails never cease to wag furiously when I settle among them or pull them into my arms, reassures me that they feel my joy. 

How often I’ve explained to people about the development of puppies and how initially at birth and for at least 10 days they see nothing.  And its days later that their hearing is revealed to them.  All puppies are deaf and blind at birth and for the first week or two and I can’t recall ever feeling sorry for new born puppies as a result. I know well that dogs primarily communicate by smelling, seeing and lastly hearing. And that they have a universal sense which humans do not have, where they can feel the energy (emotions) of the other beings around them. 

Realizing all that should reassure me and I suppose deep down it does.  The reassurance of my relationship with the rescue that has chosen to take them helps immensely too!  I know that they are lucky to be going where they are.  Certain that with them, they will provide the best chance EVER to find homes where they will receive the best care possible!  Yet I can’t help but feel sorry that the dark and silence is all they will ever know.  

But I pray that love is all they will ever know too!

A special thank you to Lynn Leach and 2nd Chance 4 Life for taking them into your care!

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  1. made me cry….with joy that they had you for this 1st step of their lives but with sadness too because I am a softy and though I am thankful they are healthy I so wish they had their other faculties…but one makes do with what one is given…and I am sure as they are transferred from your care to their next foster it will be just another adventure in their lives , and they will grow with this too….to know love and have love given freely is the best gift …and these puppies will be blessed by being loved by so many since the time of their birth…and hopefully for their lifetimes…..

    • While they didn’t get the best lot in life, they have known love since birth. While not planned the woman that had them did love them the best she could. This will be the last litter her dog will ever have too…so no more such accidents.

  2. This is written so much from the heart, and the head…very well presented…and I’m so glad to hear the woman finally has ‘seen the light’ that her breeding resulted in and will never attempt this again, ever. Too bad the babies never will, but love conquers all.

  3. What a story Carrie, well said as usual. The pups are adorable.

  4. Such a great blog, Carrie and I know that those puppies were loved from birth. The woman who reached out for help didn’t intend on having this litter of puppies, and she sure didn’t intend on them all being blind after birth. I know those puppies knew love and I’m hopeful each of them will find that perfect forever home.

    • Yes you’re right Kayla. They have known nothing but love since birth and I’m hoping that’s ALL they ever know. They came to me because they were loved and cared about even though unplanned. It’s why I want to help them and their first mom both to ensure no more accidents happen! They are lucky puppies despite their challenges.

  5. I want one!! Awww I love cute!

  6. Carrie, were they turned into the Humane Society due to the issues?

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