Yes, I can try!

This puppy, named Rebel was hit by a car today and has not one but two broken legs!!  Sound familiar?  And he needs our help.  Sounds too familiar doesn’t it? puppy with 2 broken legs

Is it his fault that his owners can’t afford his surgery of $2000 to help him and he now has no one but us to help him?  No, it’s not.

Is it his fault that our special needs fund has been depleted because two other puppies got to use before he did?  No, it’s not.

Is it his fault that we are a shelter that does not have limitless resources and rely upon the generosity of donors to help us help animals like him?  No, it’s not.

Like so many, he is just another silent, helpless victim and the choices are simple.  Either we try and help him or we euthanize him and ease his pain.  When I stopped at the vet to check on him and he was  pretty much knocked out with painkillers and sedatives, I will admit that I thought then how it might just be easier to just have them euthanize him while he slept soundly and never know pain again.  He wouldn’t even feel the prick of the needle.  Yes, I thought it.

For now the decision is to ease his pain with drugs.

I hate feeling doubtful about what we should do as in my heart I know the right answer.  We should help him!  But can we afford to in light of the fact that we have had three such puppies, with extensive injuries and thousands of dollars in vet bills in as many weeks.  And while it’s no longer my voice in the midst of decisions like these, I know all too well the angst of considering the options. I know the anger and the sadness at just having to make such.  I know well enough, having been licensed as a euthanasia technicians for several years so that I could know first-hand the reality of every job in our shelter.  That feeling of hopelessness and loss is still too real as I think about holding them in my arms or when slipping the needle into the vein and pushing the plunger that would end their life.  I know it well enough.

But somehow knowing what I do, my initial reaction when I learned about the latest innocent victim was how could we go ask for help again?  So soon?  How could I post another plea for donations on Facebook or write another blog that would tell their woeful tale in the hopes that it would move people to give?  I mean people have got to get tired of me and us asking for help.

And then it hit me like the ton of bricks.  Which is what it can take to get through my thick skull.

How can I not? How can we not try? And how will it feel if we aren’t able to help this puppy because I didn’t even try?

Almost every day someone posts or asks or pleads with me “Can’t YOU do something to help?”  Every day.  And the answer is simply “Yes, I can.”  I can try!  We can try!

Failing is NOT trying.  Giving up is failing.  And if no one gives a dime, I tried.  If we can’t raise the money to pay his bill, then the answer is we are asking too much.  We’re expecting too much.  But it won’t be me giving up.

So to the question “Can’t I do something?”  The answer is simply YES, I can try!

And when I ask you – again – Please, can’t YOU do something?  Can’t you help us help them?  Please let the answer be “Yes, I can try!”

If you’re like to help Rebel, you can certainly send a donation to Humane Society of Parkersburg PO Box 392 Parkersburg WV 26101, or we have a donation option that will allow you to direct your gift to his care.  Check it out at:


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  1. I will be donating tomorrow! Thank you for all you are doing and your willingness to try!

  2. I’m checking on status of Rebel. Have not seen any FB posts with updates.

    • He had his surgery and is recovering nicely in a foster home. If you haven’t already, check our Facebook group and Kim Latken his foster mom’s post. THANK YOU for asking and caring.

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