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  • My Mistake

    This is one of the most difficult blogs I have ever written.  Simply put, I don’t write well or clearly when I’m pissed.  But the ten previous drafts helped a little to dilute the anger that was laced in my… Read More ›

  • It’s About Them

    Someone tagged me on a post this week from HSOV foster mom (and so much more) Amber DeLong who shared about fostering two dogs that after two years now have a potential adopter, and reading the emotion filled comments by… Read More ›

  • Important

    As the lovely cat paced back and forth in his tiny cage, patiently but somewhat insistently nudging his head on the bars in the direction of the woman standing right outside, he seemed to me to be pleading to be… Read More ›

  • I’ll Teach You to Fish (or 29 Minutes)

    I love the following — I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter…the cast-offs of human society. I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness, and betrayal. And I was angry. “God,” I said,… Read More ›

  • Playing the Odds

    Our shelter relies upon rescue groups in other parts of the country, a select few but all greatly appreciated, to help us find homes for some of our animals. Last year alone they helped place over 900 animals. Almost as… Read More ›

  • By No Fault of Her Own

    As I lay on the floor on the thick pile of blankets that are the nest for my foster dog Marnie, I found myself again wondering why she was curled up against me…spooning…as I listened to her breath coming in… Read More ›

  • Love Is Not Always Enough

    Years ago, I came to realize a few simple facts about animals in our shelter…probably all shelters for that matter.  Animals that are scared aren’t often adopted. Beyond that, the unnatural environment of cage life and the stress filled environment… Read More ›

  • Jack’s Blog

    So this is not my normal blog.  I am fostering a dog brought to our shelter because of behavior the owner felt was too dangerous for them to deal with and the approaching birth of a child.  I’ve been asked… Read More ›

  • You Are Ours Now – By Guest Blogger Michelle Earl

    Guest Blogger, Michelle Earl shares this story from her heart about abuse and neglect and ultimately rescue.  I know when she wrote it initially it was as an attempt to relieve herself of some of the anger and frustration of… Read More ›

  • What I am

    As the year comes to an end it is difficult not to look back before focusing on the future.  And what an incredible year it has been.  Our shelter has never been stronger.  Our Clinic is up and running and… Read More ›