Izzy: A Man’s Dog

She’s a man’s dog. Not that she didn’t bond with me. She did. And not that her reaction to men in our shelter was vastly different than to women as she didn’t demonstrate any preference in the short time she… Read More ›

Fostering Inspiration

“Wish I could but I already have a dog.” “Would love to foster but I work full-time.” “I’d keep them all, otherwise I would.” “We’re so busy with soccer and kid’s stuff, it wouldn’t be fair.” “My husband won’t let… Read More ›

Expanding your heart

I love fostering.  With animal overpopulation as it is, puppies and kittens are pretty much a constant at my house.  My neighbors grandchildren think I run a zoo and sometimes it feels that way.  But not having fosters, even with my… Read More ›

Sweet Sorrow

As I prepare to send the last of Autumn’s puppies that were born here 9 weeks ago off to their new homes and to a wonderful Lab rescue who will then have the pleasure of helping to find homes for… Read More ›

The Promise of Autumn

It’s been five day since she arrived.  Covered in mud, pulled from beneath the porch of the neighbor’s house after her owners abandoned their home and the black dog too.  They obviously no longer wanted her.  Maybe they never did… Read More ›