Shelter Facts

Free To Good Home

In my self-professed half-full way, I dislike having to be the pragmatist or as some people will surely suggest, the pessimist but I feel compelled to at least be informative.  Maybe enlightening for some.  As this week in the classifieds… Read More ›

My last day in our shelter

Visiting other shelters and talking to those that work there is one of the best ways to learn.  Whether it’s cleaning protocols, volunteer programs, adoption procedures, or just things as simple as making your lobby brighter and more welcoming to… Read More ›

A Question Never Asked

Just hopped off the mower to post this short blog, which I think must be a blogette. Since the news of our spay/neuter clinic groundbreaking, I’ve been asked a question several times by friends, media, family, political figures, etc.  The… Read More ›