No justice

This is not one of those blogs that I am usually proud of or enjoy sharing.  In fact, it’s more of a rant.  A release of anger and frustration.  A silent call to justice for the victims in this story… Read More ›

Izzy: A Man’s Dog

She’s a man’s dog. Not that she didn’t bond with me. She did. And not that her reaction to men in our shelter was vastly different than to women as she didn’t demonstrate any preference in the short time she… Read More ›

Fostering Inspiration

“Wish I could but I already have a dog.” “Would love to foster but I work full-time.” “I’d keep them all, otherwise I would.” “We’re so busy with soccer and kid’s stuff, it wouldn’t be fair.” “My husband won’t let… Read More ›

Leave your puppy at home

So I have officially become one of those people who will give unsolicited advice to perfect strangers! Unfortunately I have no children to torture and embarrass with such objectionable behavior, over 50 and past the point of giving a damn… Read More ›