Love Is Not Always Enough

Years ago, I came to realize a few simple facts about animals in our shelter…probably all shelters for that matter.  Animals that are scared aren’t often adopted. Beyond that, the unnatural environment of cage life and the stress filled environment… Read More ›

Jack’s Blog

So this is not my normal blog.  I am fostering a dog brought to our shelter because of behavior the owner felt was too dangerous for them to deal with and the approaching birth of a child.  I’ve been asked… Read More ›

What I am

As the year comes to an end it is difficult not to look back before focusing on the future.  And what an incredible year it has been.  Our shelter has never been stronger.  Our Clinic is up and running and… Read More ›

Worthy of a Chance

When our foster coordinator sent me the text asking if I could foster a puppy, it was just another normal day in my life. And hers. On any given day, a call from our Shelter’s foster coordinator, Debbie Hines asking me… Read More ›

Like a Million Bucks

“Doing something so small can make you feel like a million bucks!” Not my own words but very much my own feeling….often. It’s a quote from someone I just met on Facebook who posted these words after spending a day… Read More ›