Two Great Mothers

On a very cold January evening, a woman posts on Facebook that she saw a dog and three puppies crossing 5th street in Parkersburg near the old marble factory.  Concerned volunteers Kim VanMeter and Dan and Melissa Miller would soon… Read More ›

A Downpour of Love

To anyone that happened to pass me in my car as I was driving to the shelter Friday evening, please know that there was good reason why I went from crying to laughing hysterically in about 30 seconds flash.  You… Read More ›

A No-Kill World

I’m about to broach a subject that is certain to cause controversy and angst but there is too much misunderstanding on this subject to ignore.  The subject of no-kill. Well-intentioned people frequently tell me that we should be a no-kill shelter.   When these well-meaning people share this… Read More ›